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Not comfortable meeting in person with your dog? No problem, we've got you covered. We CAN still coach you with your basic obedience needs in the comfort of your home! We can show you how to engage with your dog to stimulate their mind and body to beat the boredom! We can show you how to work on impulse control and manners to carry over into our behavior modification programs!  We can also help you with those leash pullers and jumpers. All this in the comfort of your living room! At QK9C, we understand this in not the “norm”, but we can still help you and your dogs. Take advantage of our online sessions Today!


Online Training

  • Must have passed basic to sign up for advanced or equal to move to advanced. These classes are taught in a one on one setting with one of our qualified trainers either at your home or at our facility. The class offers you the undivided attention of the instructor to insure your companion is taking to the training and enables immediate problem solving. The training is conducted one day a week in your home or at a designated location. This program is designed to be hands on with the owner. We will teach you techniques to help you achieve your desired result. 

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