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Our group classes are held at a various locations and include up to 12 other dogs. You will be taught in a train the trainer approach. Your dog will learn sit, down, stay and come when called. Group classes are a great way to socialize your dog with other dogs and train with distractions. As in all situations, your safety and that of your companion is our top priority. Any dog that displays excessive dog aggression in the group setting will be asked to continue their training on a private one on one style class. These classes are held once a week. 3 dog minimum and 12 maximum. Puppy group classes is for dogs 16 weeks to 6 months old.

Group Classes

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  • Advanced Group Class: Must have passed basic to sign up for advanced or equal to move to advanced. We will teach your dog off leash skills as well as obstacles.

  • If you have not spoken to member of the training staff or the main office, please call (706) 739-7592 before making a payment. This will allow us to help you select the training package the best suits your needs. Thank you.