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Our detection basic program is designed for those interested in nose work or departments needing to get their dog started. First, we will conduct a free evaluation of your dog to be sure the needed drives for nose work are present. If your dog is a good candidate, we will then train your dog on the odor package you choose. Your dog will be competent on odor recognition in a variety of environments. We will train your dog to locate and alert on source in a controlled environment. All you will need to do is polish the dog up in the areas you will be concentrating in such as vehicles, containers, luggage ect. This training package can take up to 45 days depending on your dog’s ability to retain the training.

Detection Board and Train - Odor Recognition

  • If you have not spoken to member of the training staff or the main office, please call (706) 739-7592 before making a payment. This will allow us to help you select the training package the best suits your needs. Thank you.

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