Certified Cargo Screening Program Canine/ Handler Support Services

TSA created the Third-Party Canine-Cargo (3PK9-C) Program, under TSA’s regulations for Certified Cargo Screening Programs (CSSP), see 49 CFR part 1549, to provide an efficient and effective method for screening air cargo to TSA’s standards. Under this program, third-party canine teams trained in explosives detection are certified by a non- governmental entity, acting under the approval of TSA, as meeting TSA’s certification standards. Certified 3PK9-C teams can be deployed to screen air cargo for aircraft operators, foreign air carriers and other TSA-regulated parties operating under a TSA-approved or accepted security program.
Partnering with Raidon Tactics Inc. we meet the standards for and provide TSA Certified Explosive Detection Canine Teams (EDC)(3PK9CS) for the TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program as a 3rd Party  K-9 Team Provider. If you are a TSA Regulated Entity in need of EDC support contact us. All of our EDC Teams meet the testing and certification specific to air cargo screening requirements mandated by TSA, thru a Third-Party Canine Certifying Organization. Raidon Tactics is part of the Certified Canine Team List.   CCTL is a TSA-maintained list of all approved certifying organizations and currently certified Third Party Explosives Detection Canine Teams.


We offer fully vetted and pre-selected green dogs. All dogs have passed the TSA/DOD selection test. Ready for training by your agency. Call for pricing.



We offer fully vetted and pre-selected  trained dogs. All dogs have been trained for odor recognition on Explosive or Narcotics. QK9C uses live odor for both. Dogs will give a passive alert or follow an odor trail to source. Call for pricing.

We offer fully trained dogs and handler training. All teams will go through a 6-week training course. The course will cover all areas of Detection dog handling. Each team will test before graduation. Call for pricing.

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