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In December of 2003, Matt Hammond saw a need for quality working dogs in the southeast.  Taking advantage of his Military training with dogs; Hammond started Quality K-9 Concepts (QK9C) to do just that. 



QK9C has trained dogs for several police agencies in and around the southeast as well as private security companies operating in the Middle East. The professional manner in which QK9C handles each client and the custom-tailored way each dog is trained ensures QK9C delivers a quality product at an affordable price. Matt Hammond started training dogs in 1993 with a local police department in Junction City, OR as a decoy. Hammond continued to train and help with Military Working Dogs in the Army and in November of 1996 attending the Department of Defense Military Working Dog School at Lackland Air force Base. Hammond graduated top of his class and went on to excel as a handler for the Army. Hammond trained in his off time with some of the best European trainers and took this new-found knowledge back with him and implemented it into the Military Working Dog Program. During his career as a military handler, Hammond performed security details for various heads of state, foreign heads of state, and the President of the United States. Hammond was selected as 1 of 43 handlers to represent the Military at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the summer of 2002, Hammond was selected and deployed to Afghanistan then later to Jordon and Kuwait.


In October of 2003, Hammond chose to separate from the Army and pursue personal ventures in the K-9 Community. To date, Hammond is still active in helping the military with training.  In 2005, Hammond launched a Services Division assisting local businesses and parents to combat drug abuse. QK9C has conducted thousands of searches in our local community and around the state.  QK9C is a customer-based, family-run company with the consumer in mind. We strive to stay below-market prices and offer the best buying experience we can to our customers. When you purchase a dog or having a dog trained by one of our experienced trainers, you become part of the family. 


Thank you for considering Quality K-9 Concepts for your dog’s training needs. 


Matt Hammond​


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